New Discoveries in Cancer and Heart Disease


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Ph.D. Thesis

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Presentations and Lectures (partial)

     1.     Chemosensitivity Testing: looking behind and looking ahead. Invited lecture: Farrah Fawcett Symposium on Chemosensitivity Testing and Circulating Tumor Cells., 2011, Santa Monica, CA

     2.     Activity of cisplatin in triple-negative breast cancer in comparison to other cancer types in fresh tumor cell culture assay using a cell death endpoint, American Society of Clinical Oncology Breast Cancer Symposium, 2009, San Francisco, CA

     3.     Long term survival in metastatic colon cancer predicted by 5FU activity in MTT assay,. American Society of Clinical Oncology Gastrointestinal Cancer Symposium, 2009, San Francisco, CA  Slide presentation at ASCO website:

     4.     Introduction to new cancer diagnostics: targeting "targeted" drugs in cancer treatment,  Invited lecture: Studienmeeting der AG ovarialkarzinom (ovarian cancer clinical trials meeting). Charité - Universitätsmedizin 2009, Berlin, Germany, Video at:

     5.     Targeting "targeted" therapy: the curious case of individualized tumor response testing. Invited lecture: William Beaumont Hospital 18th Annual Symposium on Molecular Pathology: Clinical Applications of Genomic Medicine., 2009, Troy, Michigan

     6.     Cell culture assays for traditional and "targeted" therapy in cancer, Invited lecture, Symposium on Individualized Tumor Response Testing, 2008 Reykjavik, Iceland

     7.     Antivascular activity of lapatinib and bevacizumab in primary microcluster culture of breast cancer and other neoplasms,  American Society of Clinical Oncology Breast Cancer Symposium, 2008, Washington, D.C. Slide presentation at ASCO website:

     8.     Targeting "targeted" drug therapy in cancer,, Invited research seminar. NCI Division of Cancer Treatment, 2008, National Cancer Institute at Frederick, Maryland

     9.     Individualized tumor response testing with cell culture assays,  Invited lecture to Turkish Oncology Society, 2008, Istanbul, Turkey

     10.     Individualized pharmacotherapy with cell culture assays,  Invited lecture: 41st Annual Meeting of European Society for Clinical Investigation, 2007 Uppsala, Sweden

     11.     Functional profiling with cell culture assays in cancer therapy,  Plenary lecture: Biannual Research Symposium of National Cancer Institute of Thailand, 2007 Bangkok, Thailand

     12.     Functional profiling for traditional and targeted antineoplastic drugs, Invited lecture, Fifth International Symposium on Cancer Research and Therapy.  2006, Tokyo, Japan.